5 Debuts at WWE Money In The Bank 2024

5 Debuts at WWE Money In The Bank 20245 Debuts at WWE Money In The Bank 2024


WWE Money In The Bank takes place this weekend in Toronto and is the final live event before SummerSlam.

The show is now one of WWE’s biggest shows of the year and could see some big returns, as well as some debuts that could shake up the company’s landscape.

Here are 5 potential WWE debuts that could happen at WWE Money In The Bank 2024.

5. Odyssey Jones

WWE star Odyssey JonesWWE star Odyssey Jones

Odyssey Jones is a very fitting name for the WWE star, as his career on the main roster is turning into an incredible odyssey.

Jones was drafted to the Raw brand as part of the 2023 WWE Draft, but he did not appear on Raw all year, not even at Main Event tapings.

Jones has appeared in live events during his time as a main event contender, but never on television. This year, he was drafted by Raw again.

We just saw that Dijak’s contract wasn’t renewed after he was drafted. Also, WWE let Cameron Grimes go before the draft because they had no plans for him. So WWE has to have something in store for Jones eventually, right?

Odyssey helps out a lot with WWE’s campus tours for the NIL program. That could be why the company keeps him on. But why would you pay the guy to sit in catering and do nothing?

Money In The Bank could be the place where he finally appears. What does he do? I don’t know exactly, but it’s more than time for him to actually appear on the show.

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