Galaxy Buds 3 Pro leak with LEDs on stem in first hands-on images

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Buds 3 are making their first design change in years, and they look an awful lot like AirPods. Now, we get a hands-on look at the earbuds and their retail packaging, as well as what appears to be a set of LED strips on the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro.

We’ve already seen the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro a few times now, with their stemmed design and new case. The updated design looks nice, but we’ve only seen it in renders so far. Tonight, we’ll get a better look at Samsung’s upcoming earbuds.

Images posted by Ice Universe on Twitter/X show the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro in the same gray color we’ve been seeing for a while now , but this is the first time we’ve seen them in the flesh. From what we’ve seen, the design looks a lot like Apple’s AirPods Pro , and the orange and blue accents that appeared on the Watch 7 are clearly visible too.

Also shown is Samsung’s Fast Pair system, implying that Google’s Fast Pair system probably still won’t be used. Theoretically, it’s possible for both systems to work, but that could quickly get confused on Samsung smartphones that can use both systems.

In one image, we can clearly see that at least the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro have LED strips along the stems. In one image, they’re turned on, but in the other, they’re turned off.

We’ve speculated before that this might be the case, but it was hard to tell in previous images. These hands-on images use LEDs a lot of more clearly.

However, the purpose of these LEDs is still unclear.

In addition, GSMArena found an image of the non-Pro Galaxy Buds 3 on Instagram. This image shows the Buds in what appears to be the official retail packaging. However, there’s not much to see of the box alone.

Samsung will soon launch the Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro, likely alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 at an Unpacked event on July 10.

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