Travis Kelce Shares ‘Golden Rule’ for Joining Taylor Swift on Stage

This boy was not breaks his favorite toy.

Travis Kelce recently shared the one thing he told himself over and over again when he took the Eras Tour stage on June 23 for a cameo in which he carried his girlfriend Taylor Swift on the catwalk.

“All I said to myself was, ‘Don’t drop the baby,’” he explained to his brother Jason Kelce in the July 3 episode of their New heights podcast. “’Don’t drop Taylor on the way to this damn bank.’”

He stressed: “The golden rule was, ‘Don’t drop Taylor, get her safely to the bank.’”

Travis related his thought process to the mantra of one of his old coaches: Eric Bieniemywhile holding his own fragile load, and Taylor explained how important a football is during matches.

“’That ball has our dreams, goals and aspirations,’” ​​he mimicked. “’You don’t drop that ball.’”

In addition to comparing the “Karma” singer to the most important thing in his own career, Travis also noted that the energy on stage at the Eras Tour was comparable to scoring at Arrowhead Stadium.

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